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Latest 2015/16 In Car Camera - Dash Cameras Models Latest News:

The very latest Premium in car cameras systems on the market - LUKAS HD, Mi-Witness - Blackvue
Lukas & Blackvue Dash camera Systems
Latest In Car Camera news

Latest In car camera Technology - Mi-Witness HD, Lukas Sony IMX 322 Sony Sensors
Best Single in Car Camera System
Best Twin in Car Camera System

Best LCD Screen in Car Camera System Mio Mivue 568 Mio Mivue 538

New Dash Camera Product Up-Dates - October 2015

The in-car-camera market has been very busy recently with a lot of new models appearing on the uk market as well as some new existing model upgrades.

These include the outstanding LUKAS HD Range, LK-9750 Duo Pro & LK-7950 Duo Pro range now the only in car camera camera offering the new Sony IMX322 Sensors in both the front and the rear camera offering unrivalled video quality.

has just launched in Oct there new 2016 model in car camera - Mi-Witness HD
This has an amazing 3 year guarantee included with every unit which no one else offers...
As well as other new features such as CPL fiter option, Camera and SD card heat protection and built
in smart power and more!

New Mi-Witness HD - 3 Year Guarantee

They also offer a new Mi-Witness HD Taxi Driver package in there range offering a 2nd internal infrared camera and
a 32 gig sd card upgrade for a very competitive price of just £299.99 inc vat! Also with a 3 Year Guarantee!

Mi-Witness HD dedicated Taxi Dash camera Kit

Blackvue of have there new Blackvue DR650 1 CH version & Blackvue DR650 & Blackvue DR750
range now offering better quality recordings, a more discreet black case and the option to now accept
a 64 Gig SD card for extended recording.

Blackvue DR650GW 2 CH

We also have the Mio range offering adequate video recording on a budget, offering a small LCD
screen and on some models the option of basic speed camera warnings, this is a good starter in car camera.

2015/16 Lukas HD Range:

2015/16 Blackvue Range:

Lukas LK-9750 Duo Pro - Screen Dash Camera Blackvue DR750LW HD - Screen Based Dash
Lukas LK - 7950 Duo Pro - 2 Camera FHD F&R Blackvue DR650GW HD - Twin Camera
Lukas LK-7200 CUTY - Single Dash Camera Blackvue DR650GW HD - Single Camera
Lukas LK-7900 ARA Pro - Single Dash Camera

2015/16 Mio MiVue Range:


Mivue 698 Dual - Screen Dash Camera 2CH

(New)2016 - Mi-Witness HD Range:

Mivue 688 - Screen Dash Camera 1CH
Mi-Witness HD - 1CH Camera System - NEW Mivue 658 Touch Wifi - Screen Dash Camera 1CH
Mi-Witness HD Driver Kit (16)- Twin Camera NEW Mivue 658 Touch - Screen Dash Camera 1CH
Mi-Witness HD Driver Kit (64) - Twin Camera NEW Mivue 618 - Screen Dash Camera 1CH
Mi-Witness HD Taxi Package - Twin Camera- NEW Mivue 608 - Screen Dash Camera 1CH
Lukas LK-7200 CUTY
why buy a dash camera?

Blackvue DR650 - 2 Chaneel Camera Mi-Witness HD - 2 Channel Dash Camera - 3 Year Guarantee Lukas LK 7950 Duo Pro Lukas 7200 CUTY Blackvue DR650 GW 1 Channel Mi-Witness HD - 1 Channel Dash Camera - 3 Year Guarantee Mi-Witness HD - 1 Channel camera - 3 Year Guarantee Lukas LK 9750 Duo Pro Lukas LK 7950 Duo Pro Crash 4 Cash Video Footage Swift Cover Dash Camera Insurance Mi-Witness HD - Driver Kit 2 CH HD - STB-11 Lukas LK-9750 Duo Pro Blackvue DR650 - Twin Camera Mivue 538 Deluxe Blackvue DR750 LW HD Lukas LK 9750 Duo Pro