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Mi-Witness HD -Twin HD Camera Kit - 32 Gig SD Card (STB-11)

Mi-Witness HD -Twin HD Camera Kit - 16 + 32Gig SD Card (STB-11)
- 3 Year Guarantee included!

“The all new Mi-Witness HD has yet again been designed with reliability in mind as well as being packed with features to make it the best product for all vehicle types and uses".

"We are so confident with the new Mi-Witness HD that we now give it a 3 Year Guarantee...”

Mi Witness British Design In Car Camera

inc Vat

Mi-Witness HD -Twin HD Camera Kit - 32 Gig SD Card (STB-11)



Mi-Witness HD - helping against fraudulent insurance scams

The Brand New Mi-Witness HD (STB-11) Vehicle CCTV Accident Recording System has been designed to provide all types of drivers with the very best protection against fraudulent insurance claims, giving you the best detailed information in the event of an accident & help lowering Insurance premiums. 

 “Using the Mi-Witness HD, is the only real way to substantiate your claim in the court of law 

“Installing the Mi-Witness HD, Insurers will offer discounts to all motorists who fit a in-car camera that records moments before and after an accident”

Why MI-Witness HD?

  • Provides irrefutable evidence in the event of a road traffic accident.
  • Combats false whiplash claims
  • Reduces the time taken to settle a claim.
  • Saves protracted lengthy claims when no evidence is available.
  • Proven reductions in unsafe driving behaviour
  • Has been proven to modify driver behaviour.
  • Reduces fleet costs and ensures drivers are abiding by company rules.
  • Can be fitted in minutes by any user, or fitted professionally.
  • GPS Mapping overlay using Google Earth shows exactly where the vehicle has been. 

MI-Witness HD - Technical Specifications

  • 3 Year Guarantee Included - 1 year Manufactures Warranty + 2 year extra Guarantee
  • 1280 x 720 (16:9) HD Recordings (MAX 30fps) - Cortex A5 800Mhz Processor & DDR3 2 Gbit DRAM
  • Video Quality settings - Normal, High, Highest
  • Angle Of View (HD) Diagonal 123 deg, Horizontal 101 deg, Vertical 52 deg
  • Discreet compact design finished in Piano Black
  • Free flow case design (specially designed Ventilated case to overcome overheating problems)
  • Heat tested to 65 Deg C for reliability in hot conditions
  • 2 Megapixel Camera (HD Quality Video) - 1/3.2 inch CMOS
  • 2nd Camera Port - Supports AV & HD Cameras (other rear cameras can be supplied for your specific requirements ( Call Us)
  • 3-axis Acceleration G-Sensor
  • High Quality - Integrated Microphone
  • Internal Heat Protection for Camera & SD card
  • Auto power on (ignition or cigar lighter)      
  • GPS Receiver External - Option with or without GPS (included in the package) 
  • Spoken Alerts & Status
  • Clip on CPL Filter - (removes internal dash reflections)
  • Auto Power on (ignition/cigar lighter)
  • Continuous loop Recording, (removes oldest files when the SD card is full)
  • Internal Smart Port* - This port will also be used for future additional features TBC
  • Vision Plus -  Reversing camera option *Rear camera & *Vision Plus Cable required
  • Built in Wifi - continuously connected on 802.11 n WiFi - Password protected
  • Recording Modes (Normal Mode, Manual Mode, Event Mode, Parking Mode)
  • Built-in Smart Power - Battery Saver for parking mode & settings, controlled via the software
  • Firmware updatable for future features and settings
  • Quick Release Mount for easy removal from the vehicle if required
  • Viewer Application (Android / iPhone)
  • Windows & Apple Desktop Software
  • Micro SD Card 16 + 32 Gig Class 10 Supplied (Default: 16GB Class 10, Supports 32GB & 64GB class 10 Sd Cards)

MI-Witness HD - Dab Radio Safe

MI-Witness HD - Dab Radio Safe

TTW Group run a constant improvement program and have tested the Mi-Witness for excess emissions that may effect your DAB radio reception or GPS device reception and unlike other camera systems the Mi-Witness will not effect your dab radio reception in your vehicle or interfere with any GPS device if installed in the correct way. DAB and GPS Safe

MI-Witness HD - Dimensions

  • L : 101.2mm  H: 38.5mm  W:  24.3 mm (not inc Mount or gps module)

MI-Witness HD - Whats In The Box?

  • 1 x Mi-Witness HD Accident Recorder
  • 1 x Second HD Camera
  • Plug-in GPS Module
  • Cigar Lead 12/24v
  • Hardwire Cable
  • MicroSD Card 16 Gig (class 10)
  • MicroSD Card 32 Gig (class 10)
  • CPL Filter
  • 7M AV connector Cable
  • Fixing Clips
  • Sticky Pads
  • User Guide
  • All units include a 3 Year Guarantee
    1 year Manufactures Warranty + 2 year extra Guarantee

*All accessories can be purchased separately

Mi-Witness HD - Driver Kit Camera - Key Features:

Mi Witness HD Features chart

Mi-Witness HD - Driver Kit Camera - Key Features: Mi-Witness HD supports up to 64 gig sd cards

Mi Viewer Features:

Mi-Witness HD - Video Viewing Software - Windows & IOS (Mac)
The Mi- Witness saves & records files in mp4 format. Due to this you can check recorded files with a compliant mp4 player or the Mi-Viewer software provides with every Mi-Witness HD device.

Mi-Witness HD Software

Mi-Witness - Video Viewing App - Android & IOS
MI Viewer App is a simple tool that allows you to view & play back all the video files contained on the Mi Witness device via a smartphone. This means that you can view all the files in your car, without having to take the sd card out and plugging it into to your Mac or windows PC.

Mi-Witness App - Android & IOS

MI-Viewer Apple Iphone App Features:

  • View real time video front & rear camera
  • View recorded video - Parking / Event / Recording
  • View & edit camera settings:
  • Adjust audio record
  • Adjust audio guide
  • Acceleration sensitivity
  • Save video to your phone
  • Video file save location
  • Set unit password
  • Reset unit Password
  • Motion sensivity
  • Audio volume
  • Parking record
  • Adjust 'Smart Power' settings

Mi-Witness HD - Product Images

Mi-Witness HD Rear Camera Front Image

Mi-Witness HD back - Camera Image

Mi-Witness HD side shot
Mi-Witness HD side including GPS

Rear HD Camera - Mi-Witness HD

Rear HD Camera - Mi-Witness HDRear HD Camera - Mi-Witness HD

More images of the Mi-Witness HD can be found here

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